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Five Reasons to Add an Outdoor Living Space to Your Home This Year

February 25th, 2019

If home improvement is on your list of goals for 2019, you may want to consider
taking the project outdoors. From financial return to family enjoyment, there are many benefits to extending your living space right in your own backyard with a patio, fireplace and even an outdoor kitchen. Here are a few reasons to add an outdoor living space to your home this year.

1. Affordable Home Improvement Projectpatio and fire pit
Compared to other home improvements, building a deck or patio is a relatively affordable project. This can be extremely beneficial if you are working within a budget.

It’s important to remember that every outdoor living space project is different, so the level of investment varies. Be sure to communicate openly with us in order to have a full understanding of costs.

2. Landscaping is an Investment in Your Home
Finally, landscaping your yard is a good investment. Yes, it provides many immediate perks, but it also has long-term benefits. When you install permanent hardscapes such as patios and outdoor kitchens, you are building beauty that lasts. Plus, if at some point you decide to sell your home, then these structures will increase its value. It is safe to say you will get out of it what you have put into it, and perhaps even more. So, whether you stay in your home for many years to come, or eventually sell it, you can be confident that your investment in your yard has long term benefits.

3. Additional Living SpaceOutdoor Kitchen
When you create an outdoor living space, you create an extension of your home. Your family will love the extra space to relax, have meals, or just enjoy each other’s company throughout all the seasons of the year.

4. Endless Potential for Entertainment
Whether you enjoy hosting family barbecues, neighborhood parties, or friendly get-togethers for the big game, an outdoor living space provides the perfect venue. In many cases, tables, grilling stations, and television sets can be incorporated into the design of your space. Add some all-weather furniture, and your space is ready to entertain.

5. Create the Space You’ve Always WantedFire Pit
An often-overlooked benefit of building an outdoor space is the creativity you can express. When working with Oasis Outdoor, you have control over the size, shape, design, and functionality of the space.

Whether you want a small patio to enjoy your morning coffee or a larger covered
patio with fireplace and outdoor kitchen to host dinner parties, anything is possible. When working with Oasis Outdoor, be open with your thoughts and goals. We will help you obtain the space you’ve always wanted!